Frequently Asked Questions

I have never used storage before. How does it work?

Good news - it is very simple: Each customer has their own steel unit which is locked up by you and you keep the key. The units are 100% water, dust and rodent proof and we have stored all manner of items sometimes for years at a time. When you come back to empty your unit you will find everything exactly as you have left it.

Is there a minimum or maximum time limit?

No. We have customers who have used us for four years and some who only needed one day. You only pay for the time you use.

Is it secure?

Yes, the units are thick corten steel and have custom made lockboxes to protect the locks. We have stored everything from sensitive electronics to antique furniture to oil paintings without a single problem

What size of unit will I need?
We have a limited number of small 10ft by 8ft units which are ideal if you have only a few boxes but the most useful size is the 20ft by 8ft unit. These will take 100 cubic feet and up to 30 tonnes or approximately the contents of an average three or four bedroom property. If you are moving house, normally one unit will suffice but if in doubt come and have a look before moving day.

How much does it cost?
The small units are £20 a week and the larger twenty foot units are £32.

Who are we?

Trusted locally: we are the first choice for storage in the Borders and are used by the local council, health trust and various other public bodies as well as a range of local businesses.