Container sales

We sell a range of steel containers and can arrange delivery and offloading to your site.

We can also advise on the best unit to suit your needs. Brand new boxes look great and are spotlessly clean but are quite expensive. Often the best compromise will be a second hand unit thats a few years old but still obviously wind and water proof. We only deal in proper ISO shipping containers made of corten steel, buyers should beware of cheap copies which have been coming onto the market recently and which are nowhere near as robust.


Most of the units are made in China (and the majority of those by just one company) They are used to transport goods around the world on the deck of cargo ships so have to be extremely tough and resistant to corrosion.
We buy in new stock direct from China for the use as storage units but can also supply units for sale either for collection from the nearest shipping port or delivered to site.

If you dont need a 100% new container or don't wish to pay the new cost then we have stock of second hand units. This is changing all the time so call for availability. Normally we can supply 10, 20 and 40ft containers and insulated containers at short notice.


These units are very versatile and we have sold boxes all over the UK for various uses:


The units arrive into the UK at various container ports and you can arrange for collection there or we can arrange delivery to site.

If you have a forklift with suitable forks and capacity or a crane then we will send a flatbed. If not then a HIAB truck will be sent at a slightly increased cost. The HIAB will need room to offload and can only reach short distance from where the truck is parked, it will also need the offloading area to be clear of overhead obstructions.